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Technology is rapidly affecting how news information is gathered, reported, visualized, aggregated, summarized, consumed and distributed. Computational Journalism (CS4803/CS8803) is a special topics class aimed at understanding the computational and technological advancements in the area of journalism. In this class we will explore themes such as (a) storytelling in the context of news, (b) sense-making from diverse news information sources, (c) the impact of more and cheaper networked sensors (d) collaborative human models for information aggregation and sense-making, (e) mashups and the use of programming in journalism, (f) the impact of mobile computing and data gathering, (g) computational approaches to information quality, (h) data mining for personalization and aggregation, (i) authoring and broadcasting, and (j) citizen journalism.

If you’re interested in news and want to use your techno-savvy to make it better, this class will give you the background you need to understand journalistic practice and make a difference with computation. Students will do projects to get some hands-on experience in this new and exciting area.

For more information contact Irfan Essa and Nick Diakopoulos