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Sensemaking & Information Visualization Panel

By BradStenger | January 11, 2008

Computer science researchers talk about Sensemaking when they’re exploring the role computation plays in helping people to organize information and find meaning in data. A related subject, Information Visualization, deals with the interactive, graphical presentation of information, which serves as a visual Sensemaking aid. Fortunately, journalists know these subjects, but under different names. Sensemaking is what journalists do in reporting and writing their stories. And Information Visualization is what visual journalists do to create information graphics. In an effort to create meaningful dialogue between technologists and journalists, we’ve asked a couple computer researchers, leaders in Sensemaking and Information Visualization, to sit down with a top visual journalist. First the researchers will explain why their work matters to journalists. And then we expect the discussion will come full circle, explaining how having computation matter to journalists is something important to CS researchers, as well as to the rest of the folks who code. Our panelists:

Topics: Agenda/Program, Info Viz, News Interfaces, Panels |